We are happy to announce the first ever Finnish Education Expo- Middle East to be held on the eve of GESS Dubai 2019.

The focus will be on sharing real life learnings and discussing how Finnish solutions can work in a local UAE context.

Some of the topics to be covered:

  • Gamification of learning – real life experiences from UAE (examples of Arabic language and math learning)
  • Moral Education and Finnish Curriculum Transversal Competencies – can we use the same learning methods?
  • Early childhood education

Join us for an afternoon of discovery and innovation on the 25th of February 2019 at the beautiful Raddisson Blu Waterfront, Dubai! 

The event is targeted at school leaders and senior management. It is invitation only. Please click and fill in the form to register your interest.

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Keynote Speaker

Olli-Pekka Heinonen | Director General, Finnish National Agency For Education, Finland

Olli-Pekka is Director General at the Finnish National Agency for Education. Before taking up this position he worked as a State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance of Finland. He was also State Secretary of the portfolios of Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development. Olli-Pekka has also acted as a State Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Of ce, worked as a Director for a Finnish Broadcasting Company and holds a Master’s degree in Law.


Riku Alkio | CEO and founder at Seppo.io

Riku, Master of Philosophy, has a long experience in teaching and counselling. He has passion for teaching and social learning. He has been working as a teacher for twenty years in the Kallio Upper Secondary school in Helsinki, Finland. Riku has been involved in many ICT related projects both in the city and national level in co-operation with the National Board of Education. He is the founder and CEO in seppo company, which promotes new ways to motivate students with game based learning and pedagogical use of mobile technology. 


Makke Leppänen | Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Eduten

Makke is a visionary leader, a motivational psychologist and an author. With 20 years of experience he is one of the leading experts in Finland in the field of future skills, self-confidence and gamification in education. He is a popular keynote speaker in Finland. He holds degrees in teaching, psychology and leadership. Makke has written several books about leadership and self-confidence. At the moment he works at a Finnish edtech company called Eduten. He is the Vice President of Marketing and Sales.


Jaana Wilkko | Principal at Garden City British School

Jaana is a Finnish pedagogical expert with knowledge of the Arabic culture having worked in the UAE for more than eight years. She holds a Master of Education Degree and is currently taking Garden City British School forward as a visionary leader embracing the input from digital learning environments and software tools to be embedded in the holistic approach that enhances the phenomena based on learning. She has been responsible for CPD trainings, teacher appraisals, observations and data collection and analysis during her tenure with ADEK. She has experience in teacher training in the UAE and has worked as a principal in Finland.


Toni Eskola | CEO and Co-Founder at Qridi

Toni is passionate about supporting learning in different sectors and Qridi is used in various different fields such as education, sports and in the corporate world. It was awarded Finland’s best digital learning solution and the aim of the company is to build the world’s best digital solution for learning to help millions of people to learn and self-evaluate. Toni has worked with the best employers at the Great Place to Work institute for seven years and has gained valuable perspective for developing the business. 


Suzanne Perkowsky | Co-Founder and Chief Educational Officer of New Nordic School

Suzanne is an innovative educator who has set out to change the future of education. She believes in blended learning to develop young children to effectively mature and succeed in the 21st century. She brings over 25 years of instructional and administrative experience in diverse global geographies, spanning 8 different countries. Experienced in school planning, instructional scaffolding, inquiry and project-based learning, technology integration, knowledge of current and emerging learning tools and techniques. She has a passion for education that has led to participation and sharing of expertise in different forums and educational panels, including the ‘The Future of Learning’ at the upcoming GESS Dubai 2019. She has a strong belief in ongoing personal development to keep up with educational innovation via Finnish educational standards for educational leadership amongst others. 


Aleksi Komu | Director of Global Partnerships in Education at ThingLink

Aleksi is an internationally acknowledged technology expert within the education sector. He has designed, implemented and overseen several successful development projects, including transitioning entire school networks to the digital era. Aleksi is specialised in researching and developing information and communication technologies in education. He is extremely passionate about how technology can become a natural part of creative learning and the many possibilities, benefits and results it can create when implemented properly. Aleksi was the winner of ”Best use of ICT/e-learning in classroom” at GESS Education Awards 2018. 


Milla Mikkola | Co-Founder at Kindiedays

Milla Mikkola is a Co-Founder at Kindiedays, a digital solution developed to support quality early childhood education. She has a bachelor’s degree in Social Services with a kindergarten teacher qualification. Milla has worked as a teacher and a manager in kindergartens in Finland. She has planned, implemented and guided teachers in Finnish early childhood pedagogy. Milla is especially passionate about the importance of pedagogical documentation in early childhood education.



More speakers to be announced!



To be released later.


The event is targeted at school leaders and senior management. It is invitation only. Please click and fill in the form to register your interest.

Click here to express your interest!